Where David Hands Eats and What He Orders

Here are the chef’s favorite bites in L.A.

Chef David Hands helped open Bouchon Bistro in Beverly Hills in 2009, and now holds the position of chef de cuisine at the restaurant.

1. Pastrami at Langer’s 
“It never falters. It is all about consistency, and Langer’s has nailed it.”

2. Beef Noodle Soup at Pho Pasteur 
“The flavor of the broth tastes like someone has poured their heart and soul into it.”

3. Lobster Bolognese at Mélisse 
“Josiah Citrin’s approach to food is inspiring. This dish is a true classic, perfect on every level.”

4. La Chaudrée at Bouchon 
“On my new menu I am featuring this dish in honor of the French fisher- men who work in the rough seas of the Atlantic. I use California’s finest ingredients, such as Santa Barbara spot prawns and peas from the Santa Monica Farmers Market.”

5. Grilled Radiccio at Gjelina 
“I love all the vegetables at Gjelina. The radicchio is simply grilled and dressed with amazingly sweet balsamic vinegar that plays perfectly off the bitterness of the lettuce.”