Fire and Spice: Get Szechuan Food Delivered from the San Gabriel Valley

ToGo626 will also bring you Peking duck

It seems like every few weeks there’s another delivery service that launches, maybe in hopes of being acquired by Instacart, Uber, Amazon, or Google. These new startups seem to be in the magic-making business as much as they are in the delivery business. They’re here to bring you things that you would have never consider getting delivered before.

One of the most unlikely and miraculous of these services is one that’s no doubt niche: ToGo626 will deliver you food from the San Gabriel Valley, so you can avoid a long drive, fighting for parking, dealing with crowds, and waiting an hour to sit down for Szechuan food.

For some of us, that kind of chaos is fun, or at least fun enough, and we enjoy discovering these restaurants on our own, which is a big reason why we live in L.A. It makes us wonder: Who’s going to use this service? If you’re the type of person who finds the SGV inconvenient and intimidating, you might not care enough about it to order delivery. Plus, even with the special reduced delivery fee that the site is currently offering–$2.99 for the first 3 miles (regularly $7.99) plus 99 cents for each additional mile–the cost could be prohibitive for much of L.A. Beverly Hills is at least 20 miles from Alhambra, after all, and anyway, there’s finally decent Chinese food on the Westside.

But here’s the thing: Anybody who’s dealt with the lines at Szechuan Impression or Chengdu Taste and happens to live Downtown or somewhere else close enough to the SGV could indeed simplify their lives with ToGo626.

Here are three solid orders you could place:

Szechuan Impression
Numb your taste buds with Dry-Fried Farm Chicken in Chili Oil and Boiled Fish in Rattan Pepper from this Alhambra hot spot. Important tip: Nobody says you have to eat all the peppers.

Chengdu Taste
Chengdu Taste, of course, is the other famous Szechuan purveyor in the SGV. You’ll want dandan noodles and house specialties like Toothpick Lamb with Cumin or an order of Boiled Beef in Hot Sauce.

Duck House
Yes, you can get Peking duck delivered from Monterey Park. While you’re at it, there’s duck-bone soup with cabbage and tofu, stir-fried duck hearts and livers, and other assorted dishes like five-spice duck head and neck for a proper beak-to-tail meal.