Final Four Fiesta


It’s the final four and the excitement has us RAVENOUS. No, not for action-packed collegiate b-ball action—for tacos! The L.A. Taco March Madness competition, which pits L.A. taco slingers against each other in a heated battle for meat-and-tortilla domination is down to the last two match-ups to determine the winner. So who made the city’s cuatro finales?

Mexicali Taco & Co (Defending champions)

Mariscos Jalisco
Tacos Baja Ensenada

Voting in these two head-to-heads begins Sunday, April 1 at midnight (on a school night?!) at The ultimate L.A. Taco winner will be crowned at midnight on Tuesday, April 3.

The good news is that, unlike with the NCAA, the end of the competition doesn’t mean the end of taco madness. Because in L.A., it’s always taco season.