Fate of Henry’s Tacos Still Undecided; Open Through At Least Saturday


Henry’s Tacos, the 51-year-old North Hollywood roadside taco stand, has been on a rollercoaster of ups and downs these past few weeks. First, it was due to close on December 31 after third-generation owner Janis Hood was unable to resolve an alleged rent dispute with the property’s landlord. Then news came that a potential buyer might have been located, and so the restaurant would extend its operations through January 10th to see if that deal could pan out. 

Now I know what you’re thinking: “January 10th? Isn’t that today?” Why yes it is! This is why I love our readers… you’re a smart bunch! A phone call to Janis didn’t yield much news, but we did learn that Henry’s would still be open through Saturday, January 12th. (Still time to go grab one last crunchy “tostado”.) 

Per a comment she left on the Henry’s Tacos Facebook page: “We may not be closing… just moving. Stay tuned!” She hopes to have more news soon, but is remaining relatively tight-lipped until things are set in stone. 

Henry’s Tacos, 11401 Moorpark St., North Hollywood, (818) 769-0343