Factory Worker


It’s the restaurant some of us love to hate—and more of us love to love. (You’ve got to admire a place that deep-fries macaroni and cheese.) It’s The Cheesecake Factory, and they’ve just announced a contest to create the company’s next cheesecake flavor.

Using the new online interactive cheesecake creator, folks can click and drag several varieties of crust, batter, “flavor swirl,” “flavor chunk” (ew), “topping,” and “final touch” to create—and name—their ultimate cheesecake explosion.

Mine: Vanilla cake crust with peanut-butter batter, strawberry chunks, lemon mousse, and a white chocolate drizzle. I call it “Kinda Gross.”

Personally, I think flavored cheesecake should be outlawed; a few cherries on top is as far as I’ll go. But God knows the place that serves something called Craig’s Crazy Carrot Cake Cheesecake has no such qualms.

The finalists will be posted online and the public will vote on the winner. All submissions must be received by February 28, so get baking—er, clicking.