Extreme Chef: Food Network Decides Cooking Needs More Danger

Ever since last month’s finale of Top Chef All-Stars and Alton Brown’s recent tweet regarding the end of Good Eats, we’ve been wondering how our endless appetite for foodie-centric television will ever again be fully satisfied. Enter the ever-reliable Food Network, which today announced the latest addition to its roster of dramatically-lit cooking competition programs, Extreme Chef. The show is a complicated amalgam of Iron Chef, Fear Factor, and Bear Grylls’ Man Vs. Wild, intent on making its contestants prepare food under horribly unpleasant—sorry EXTREME—conditions. In short:  Sounds like great TV. Sure, we love Top Chef, but cooking indoors? Access to a pantry? Properly sharpened knives? It all seems a bit too cushy. The Extreme Chef promo promises such challenges as preparing a salad in a dust storm, frying on a car engine, milking cows, and snatching ingredients from a bucket of large snakes (PETA be damned!)  And wait a minute… Is that our own dining editor Lesley Bargar Suter guest starring as a judge? Did she just accuse one of the chefs of being a bitch? Yes and yes. Let’s just say we’re already firing up our DVR in anticipation. Extreme Chef premieres June 30.

Watch the series promo here.