Everything You Need to Know About How to Grill the Perfect Hot Dog

Hot dogging with Chef Neal Fraser.

It might seem odd to get tips on how to make the perfect hot dog from an award-winning, starred, fine-dining chef like Neal Fraser. But the all-American chef knows hot dogs in and out thanks to the research he did before opening his modern hot dog stand at The Farmers Market in Mid-City, Fritzi Dog. Fraser’s knowledge of both grilling and American food is bar none, so he’s our go-to when it comes to hot dogging.

First: how to pick a good hot dog:

Buy high quality product. “Whatever you do, don’t buy a “healthier” or more expensive version of a brand who makes hot dogs with low quality ingredients. A label doesn’t mean anything… read the ingredients.”

All-natural is best. “Look for nitrate free, anti-biotic free, sustainably-raised, no hormones added hot dogs. That’s what we serve at Fritzi Dog.”

Now, how to cook the perfect hot dog:

Ensure even cooking. “Bring the dogs up to room temperature before you cook them.”

Start them on a low grill. “Heat the dogs up slowly; it will allow them to retain their moisture.”

Keep it low. “Don’t grill the dogs over the hottest part of the grill, they will blister and break. This is what starts fires when the dogs blister and burst and the juices run into the fire.”