Everybody Comes to Rick’s


Many times (let’s call it at 80%) at opening parties for restaurants you are lucky if you get a sprig of parsley. Well, when developer Rick Caruso and Chef Michael Mina throw a bash, there’s not enough room on your plate for all the goodness. I’ve been watching their new restaurant, Bourbon Steak Los Angeles at The Americana at Brand, go up for ages, and I couldn’t RSVP fast enough when the time came (Caruso’s last bash for the new Nordstrom at Americana was A+). The AvroKO designed space (sleek woods and metallic prints of cloud banks) was packed with happy humans dressed up (the invite did read “cocktail attire”) for ribeye, wagyu, oysters, crab and lots of cocktails and champers.

Who did I spy trying to cut in line to get a taste of Mina’s mod twist on the old school steak house? Mario Lopez and wife Courtney. They almost had enough dimples to pull it off but when there is truffle mac and cheese involved, you need to go to the back of the line. There was LAMILL coffee as the night drew on and fancy bags of caramel corn on the way out. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Photographs by Alexandra Wyman/Invision for Caruso Affiliated/AP Images