Finally, We Get to See What Evan Funke Can Do with Pizza

The former Bucato frontman finds a new home in Venice

If you’re a big fan of mobile porchetta and esoterically shaped noodles—or even just a casual peruser of the #fuckyourpastamachine hashtag—you’ve probably been wondering where Evan Funke was going to set up permanent camp. After he left Bucato (#8 on our Best New Restaurants 2013 list) back in May, just a few months before it eventually closed, Funke had been floating around doing various pop-ups at places like Hedley & Bennett and Cofax Coffee. Now, thanks to Eater LA breaking the news this morning, we know that he’ll be helming the kitchen at Felix, inside the old bones of Joe’s in Venice.

Per the restaurant’s website, “Felix is inspired by the understanding and respect for the deeply-rooted culinary traditions of Italy’s most celebrated regions.” One of the regions that’s going to be highlighted is Naples—everyone’s favorite thin-crust pizza firing city in the South. Per Eater, Chef Funke will be taking a research trip to learn from their master pizzaiolos before the restaurant opens.

Funke also took to Gusto 54’s blog to share a little bit of his personal excitement for the project. If this doesn’t get you all riled up about handmade pasta, nothing will: “I am enamoured by the history of pasta. Not the myth of how it got to Italy but the ancient need to feed people from flour and water. The necessity to change things up when you are cooking with the same ingredients and the ingenuity of those cooks who created these wonderful and timeless shapes. They shaped a history that can be held in hand each time I roll a sheet of pasta. It’s rather romantic.”