Et Tu, Suzanne? Tavern Launches Burger Night


Bastide alum Paul Shoemaker has a Juicy Lucy burger joint slated for downtown. Nancy Silverton is behind Short Order. And now, one more of L.A.’s premier chefs has taken to gourmet fast-food. Suzanne Goin’s Tavern has announced the launch of “Burgers & Bubbles Sundays,” where diners can taste three signature sliders (organic turkey burger, triple pork burger, Niman beef burger) with a flight of three sparkling wines chosen by Caroline Styne, all for $30. OK, so Tavern has offered these burgers—which are crazy delicious—for a while now, and the special is only offered in the more casual Blue Room, and we’d never complain about triple-fisting sparkling booze. Still, our hearts break a little more every time we see another fine dining master expending their creative energies flipping patties. We’re not sure who to blame: The economy for forcing high-end restaurants to find new ways to make ends meet, or us for continuing to obsess over ground beef on a bun. 

It’s a burger. Pie ‘N Burger does it best. Can we be done now?

Because we know the answer is no—and because these do sorta sound pretty great—here’s the B&B menu, available from 3 to 9 p.m. Sundays at Tavern:

Organic turkey burger slider with arugula and tomato confit. Paired with 
nv j. lassalle, brut, chigny-les-roses, 1er cru

Triple pork burger slider with manchego and romesco. Paired with 
2010 le vigne di alice, prosecco de valdobbiadene, extra dry

Niman beef burger slider with fontina, lettuce and tomato
. Paired with nv veuve fourny, brut rosé, vertus, 1er cru