Essential T: Tacos Hamburguesa at Plan Check Downtown’s Happy Hour

Don’t call it a silly mashup, hamburger tacos are legit

I think I’d just read one of those dull and dreadful end-of-the-year food-trends-that-need to-go roundups of writers and bloggers when I received news that Plan Check Downtown, chef Ernesto Uchimura’s third location of his popular restaurant and bar, was doing a hamburger and taco mashup for their new Happy Hour menu. Snarky millennials might think that mashups need to go, but I say anything ever imagined on a taco pretty much already exists in Mexico, even the taco de hamburguesa. It turns out that the taco de hamburguesa has already been a big hit at Tacos de Hamburguesa Don Toño in Mexico City’s Colonia Doctores neighborhood.

Don Toño’s taco de hamburguesa is pretty straightforward–a corn tortilla, a thin patty, and a spicy chile de arbol salsa hand-ground in a molcajete. While it’s hard to beat the excellent tortillas found in Mexico City, Mexico’s got nothing on Uchimura’s top-notch hamburger game. For $8 at happy hour, you get a pair of Plan Check’s tacos hamburguesa plated in a cast-iron mini server.

Uchimura’s taco comes with juicy, flavorful ground beef and melted cheese dressed with guacamole, habanero salsa, and cilantro, creating a balanced dish with a touch of sweetness. The big difference in Uchimura’s taco is the quality of Plan Check’s hamburger meat, which is the star of this dish, with the cheese as co-star. This tacos hamburguesa plate wasn’t inspired by Mexico City’s taco de hamburguesa, but is merely a case of art imitating taco.

redarrowPlan Check Kitchen and Bar Downtown, 1111 Wilshire Blvd. suite 103, Westlake, 213-403-1616