Essential T: Ricky’s Fish Tacos Gets a New Look That’s 100% L.A.

A fresh paint job and an insider taco tip are more than reason enough to revisit Ricky’s Fish Tacos

This past Wednesday, an excited Ricky Piña unveiled his newly wrapped food truck complete with a painted silhouette of the L.A. skyline and a shout out to all the publications—from L.A. and beyond—who have recognized his hard work. The updated look is well deserved and a long time coming: Ricky’s Fish Tacos is one of the pioneers of the new L.A. street food scene and Piña remains one of the most successful traditional Mexican street vendors who crossed over into a mainstream audience.

Although it sometimes seems like Ricky blew up overnight, the former florist and Ensenada native has carefully made the transition from occasional taquero to full-time operator of that sexy, gangster-wrapped street beast that’s now parked on Virgil, just north of De Longpre Ave.

At his core, Piña is as uncompromising in business as he is in his fish tacos—and loyal to his regulars, too. Speaking of which, I’ve got a little taco advice for you: While you’re down visiting that beautiful and soon-to-be-iconic truck wrap, ask Ricky to make you an extra long fillet, one that hangs off both ends of the tortilla. This will bring up the price a little, but you’ll get a noticeably different experience, one that’s closer to what I love about tacos in Ensenada. I prefer the balance of flavors with more fish—oh, go ahead and get the regular fish taco if you like, it’s still the best. But when it comes to fish tacos, size matters.

Ricky’s Fish Tacos, 1400 N Virgil Ave., Silver Lake, (323) 906-7290