Essential T: Blood Sausage Tacos from the Orange Food Truck


If you live in Los Angeles, it’s inevitable that you end up taking some kind of meeting, whether business or social, at one of those jam-packed sidewalk cafes at Sunset Plaza hot spots. Le Petit Four, Le Clafoutis, and Chin Chin are all more known for their celeb sightings and scene than their food—my last visit was to reunite with an ex-girlfriend I hadn’t seen in 10 years for a forgettable lunch (I can’t even remember which of these restaurants we went to) while all eyes darted around to scrutinize new arrivals, hoping maybe Bey might show up. But all I could think of is how much more relaxing it would’ve been that day to head down to Slauson, and ditch my friend’s shallow, vapid boyfriend for the Pollo Loco corridor and grab some tacos.

A couple of years ago, I found a good carnitas man, across the street from the Northgate Market on W. Slauson who had said he did some other dishes from the State of Mexico during the week at an orange trailer. I thought nothing of it at the time until I drove by last week and decided to skip the traffic and just hang out on Slauson, no chance of celebrity sightings or nonsense, just good food. During the week you can catch the Orange trailer—no, that’s not the name, but this family is too busy making regional chilaquiles, quesadillas filled with huitlacoche, carnitas (of course) and blood sausage tacos.

The blood sausage from the Orange trailer is a pork blood sausage without casing, cooked with green chili and fresh herbs then spooned into a warm corn tortilla and dressed with the fine selection of salsas—I chose a pico de gallo that included slices of red and green jalapeño layered with a spicy tomatillo salsa. Depending on which part of Mexico is making this delicacy it’s known as moronga (no, there isn’t a casino named blood sausage, that’s MoronGO), rellena, or morcilla. Sitting on Slauson during rush hour is quite nice, attitude-free, where the only rubbernecking that takes place is staring at each other’s appetizing plates.

Orange Food Trailer, 961 E. Slauson Avenue, South L.A.