The Backhouse Sushi & Robata Opening in Koreatown

The popular yakitori and kushiyaki restaurant takes the top floor above EMC Seafood & Raw Bar

In the next couple of weeks, EMC Seafood, the Koreatown raw bar serving some of my favorite bivalves from kusshis to kumamotos, will have a relative moving in to the second floor right above the seafood restaurant. The Backhouse is a sushi and robata eatery that is part of the M2K Group of restaurants (Wokcano, EMC Seafood, The Backhouse, Spear, The Big Catch) headed by Michael Kwon and Kerry Moy. This K-Town branch of The Backhouse will be the third installation of the Japanese restaurant.

The original Backhouse literally was established behind the Burbank Wokcano, thus giving the place its location moniker. While Wokcano specializes in a broad array of Asian cuisine’s greatest hits like orange chicken and Korean barbecue short ribs, The Backhouse serves the stuff that more advanced eaters go for, especially in the yakitori and kushiyaki realm. Gizzards, hearts, livers, skin, and cartilage from the chicken are favorites here, portioned so that each bite is a delicate one.

But, if you happen to love tongue, then The Backhouse will give it to you all day long. Aside from their basic beef tongue skewer, there’s a tasty tongue that’s marinated in miso, elevating the umami flavors. However, for some really special tongue action, there is a thick center-cut tongue that is heavenly tender because of the higher fat content.

When I asked principal and partner Kerry Moy if there would be any collabs between EMC and its upstairs cousin The Backouse, he said, “Sure, we’ll do some fun and exciting things between the two restaurants. Since both offer seafood, it should work.”

Perhaps there will be some new items on the menu reflecting the local flavors of The Backhouse’s new Korean neighborhood too. Galbi skewers? You’ll just have to go upstairs to get to The Backhouse and discover for yourself.

The Backhouse, 3500 W. 6th St., 2nd floor, Koreatown