American Heroes Are Building the World’s Tallest Grilled Cheese This Weekend

Hop in the car, drive down to Santa Ana, and get ready for some high-quality cheese architecture

Assembling history’s tallest stack of griddled bread and American cheese is more of a construction project than a cooking feat. “The biggest obstacle is stability,” says Geoff Kutnick, amateur sandwich architect and co-founder of Foodbeast, the website behind the stunt. “We need to a six-foot-tall base that’s wider and able to support the pole that we’ll be stacking the grilled cheeses on.” Their goal is to reach 25 feet.

World’s Tallest Grilled Cheese Stack || OOZEFESTFor everyone attending October 10th’s FOODBEAST Presents Ooze Fest – Southern California’s Premier Cheese Festival, not only will there be 20+ different news-worthy cheese creations, unlimited craft beer…but we will also be setting a record for the WORLD’S TALLEST GRILLED CHEESE STACK. How high will it go? Find out, get your ticket to you’re not in California, you can tune in via the LIVESTREAM right here on Facebook.#foodbeast #oozefest

Posted by Foodbeast on Thursday, 24 September 2015


The leaning tower of cheese-a (we’re not proud of that pun) is just one part of Oozefest, Southern California’s premiere cheese festival, presented by Foodbeast. Nguyen Tran from Starry Kitchen and Button Mash will be (in a banana suit) hosting the event. There will be more than 20 food vendors, mainly from Orange County, making signature dishes for the event. And they’re pretty wild: Social in Costa Mesa is bringing a duck fat hot pocket with pimento cheese, deviled duck ham, and smoked onion jam; Santa Ana’s Little Sparrow will be making Indian fry bread with bone marrow and mac and cheese; and beachside micro-chain Slapfish is frying up some lobster and mascarpone beignets. Saint Archer, Allagash, Ballast Point, and nine other breweries will be ensuring you don’t die of thirst.

The event will be taking place near 4th street Market Saturday October 10 in Santa Ana, at the corner of 3rd and Bush. There will be two different sessions that cheese-lovers can attend: either from 1 p.m. – 4 or 6 p.m. – 9. The world record grilled cheese attempt will go down during the first session, and the second session will play host to a grilled cheese and tomato soup eating contest with amateurs and professionals alike (that I will be competing in! Come say hi, preferably before the competition starts and I’m completely miserable and covered in grease).

Standard tickets are $50 and it’s $75 for early admission (no lines!). Both cover both all you can eat and all you can drink and you can buy them here!