Dragon Egg

Chef Keven Alan Lee on his main ingredients

Photograph by Jessica Boone

“The natural oils in the avocado are just as rich and delicious as the natural oils in the belly of the tuna. The avocados we use have wonderful integrity–they don’t just crumble apart.”

“These add some freshness to the dish. They’re organically grown in San Marcos, California.”

Spicy Tuna
“This is made with tuna belly and tombo tuna, an albacore from Hawaii. The spice comes from Sriracha sauce and a Japanese five-spice blend we make here.”

Sesame Seeds
“We do a very light sprinkling of black and red spicy sesame seeds.”

Unagi Sauce
“Asian cuisine always has sweet, sour, salty, fresh, and hot. The sweetness comes from the house-made unagi sauce. We also squeeze some yuzu juice on the avacado.”

East Restaurant and Lounge
6611 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, 323-462-3278.