Donut Farm Is Slinging Organic Vegan Pastries in Silver Lake

The first L.A. branch of the Bay Area bakery is officially open

With the recent debuts of Sidecar and Blue Star, alongside the somewhat newfound cult popularity of joints like California Donuts and DK’s, L.A. is in the middle of a veritable donut boom. But what’s the one thing that’s missing from our fried-dough-with-a-hole scene? A lighter, healthier option to chow down on after spin class? Fōnuts pretty much has that market cornered. How ’bout vegan donuts made with 100% certified organic ingredients? Welcome to Silver Lake, Donut Farm.

The Bay Area-based bakery has one retail location in Berkeley, one in Oakland, and one in the San Francisco Ferry Building, but this will be owner Josh Levine’s first foray down south. Donut Farm is bringing farmer’s market-inspired (and that’s not just buzzy lip-service, they actually keep close relationships with local farms) varieties like Roasted Red Chile, Whiskey Tangerine, Fig (AKA the WTF), and a laundry list of fresh fruit-filled fritters to the table. There’s also going to be the standby cool-kid flavors like Salted Caramel, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and Matcha Green Tea, alongside the classic canon of Vanilla Sprinkled and Chocolate Glazed. Oh, and there’s a vegan latté bar, too.

“We’re excited to share our organic, vegan donuts with the Silver Lake community,” says owner Levine in a press release. “Although, yes, our donuts are vegan, our goal is really just to serve delicious, fresh donuts made with quality ingredients that will, hopefully, make us a neighborhood staple.” Donut Farm is officially open today, so head to the Eastside for a dairy-free macchiato and an organic banana fritter. 

Donut Farm, 2609 Sunset Blvd. (213-755-7549 or