DIY Martinis and Manhattans at 643 North

Play bartender

Put your bartending skills to the test at 643 North’s new Build Your Own Martini or Manhattan Bar. Every night, guests get the chance to design their own drink destiny at this Chinatown bar, and maybe even create something worth ordering in the future.

With an extensive library of spirits, 643 North has guests constantly inquiring about the different alcohols, and an average drinking experience easily turns into a little booze tutorial. As a way of getting their guests more involved in the experience, they’ve decided to hand over the reigns with a little 5-step DIY drink process. So whether you’re a mad scientist, a control freak, or a newbie who’s never even sipped a martini, 643 North has you covered.

Step one: pick your base from a choice of gin, vodka, bourbon or rye.

Step two: choose your vermouth, and don’t worry, if you’ve never worked with the stuff, they’ve got some helpful suggestions. 

Step three: choose your bitters.

Step four: choose your garnish.

Step five: drink up!


643 North, 643 North Spring St., Chinatown, 213-687-8888,