And the 2018 Dish of the Year Is…

We ate a lot of good stuff this year, but this plate at Majordomo was the best of the best

Born out of David Chang’s “obsession with all things short rib,” as chef de cuisine Marc Johnson puts it, the smoked whole plate short rib at Majordomo is a seamless fusion of Korean and Texas ’cue traditions. It also costs $190. But rest assured, the splurge is worthwhile; the four-pound slab of Angus beef feeds six and comes with a cartload of sides. Bringing it all together is no small feat.

The Preparation

After a 24-hour soy-garlic-ginger marinade, the bone-in short rib (from a marbled section of the belly) is wood-smoked for four to six hours. It’s removed once tender but not falling apart, then wrapped in plastic to seal in the juices.

The Presentation

Reserved at least 48 hours in advance, the short rib is wheeled to its lucky owners and carved tableside. Every carver has a different technique, Johnson says. Thin slices are laid on a platter, while fatty scraps and bones are whisked to the kitchen.

The Accompaniments

Salt-and-pepper sesame oil, house kimchi and chile paste, daikon pickles, shiso leaf, rice paper, and various lettuces are served alongside for DIY wraps. For the grand finale, a pot of beef-scrap fried rice arrives showered in shaved horseradish.

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