Dining First Look: The Hideaway in Beverly Hills

The Hideaway is the reimagining of a Mexican restaurant on the coast right in the Beverly Collection on Rodeo

The Hideaway is an apt name for the newly opened Mexican restaurant located in the Rodeo Collection shopping mall. Amid the sleek and chic of Rodeo Drive, it’s a reimagining of a classic family-run restaurant on the Mexican coast. Ride the elevator to the bottom floor and you’ll arrive in a Baja kind of world. The wrought iron chairs resemble those at the Bel Air Hotel when Nancy Reagan dined there on soup and gossip. They are a bit worn but charming and softened with pillows. The handmade pottery is designed to show a bit of wear, just like the Mexican places where you used to go.

The interior is a series of meandering rooms, including a busy bar and tucked-away spaces if you need a bit of privacy. Each room is lined with booths, every one of them hiding a secret—the tequila call button. Find it on the wall, press and your server will get the message you want tequila, stat. Speaking of which, the cocktail menu has a couple of doozies. We loved Blood Suger Sex Majik ($20), rye, agave, chilies, basil, and the Post Melon ($26) whisky, melon, pineapple, coconut, and, of course, a margarita gussied up with strawberries ($18)

We didn’t snag a booth but we did get Kelsey, a funny and kind waitress who encouraged us to get a doggie bag when we felt awkward. She guided us to guacamole ($22) with wasabi in the mix, adding an unexpected kick to the avocados. Don’t assume The Crispy Cauliflower ($26) is the same old vegetable on every menu this year; here, it’s crisp and hot. Add a smidgen of Hernando’s ranch dressing and you have a veg that, while good for you, also tastes like fun. The menu has lots of traditional dishes with the zip of the new. Almost every kind of protein in a variety of styles: steak, fish, pork, and poultry. There are vegan options, too, like the Vegan Chili Relleno ($30) and Mango Slaw ($14).

We ate Carnitas with two salsas ($32) and the Pescado Zarandado, Branzino ($65), and watched as customers filled every seat on a Tuesday evening. The interior design may be seaside Mexican but the crowd is very Beverly Hills, with both glamazons and ladies past the first blush of youth. The gents have worked out their “chic casual” look with trophy watches, shoes and dates. It’s already a celeb hang. We caught Mario Lopez with his family and friends having a blast. Investor Ryan Philippe has skin in The Hideaway game, so he’s spotted occasionally.

We finished the evening with flan ($18). Made with tequila, it’s a simple dessert elevated beyond the expected. Kelsey suddenly appeared with a Chocolate Cake ($32) filled with candied wild cherries; we’re now fans of that fabulous dessert, too—both are worth their calories. Deep in the sweets, we heard the chatter of prenups and divorces, real estate deals, and fashion.

For some, The Hideaway will evoke memories of driving a coastal road, stopping at a hacienda where the food is made by loving hands, and staying for hours watching the shadows deepen into the evening. The Beverly Hills Hideaway may not be on the way road to Cabo but it’s a nice stop when you’re in town.

The Hideaway
421 N. Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills
Rodeo Collection
Daily: 11 a.m. – Late night

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