Did Burgerlords Just Start the Blog-to-Table Movement?

The brothers behind the popular Tumblr—and heirs apparent to the Oinkster estate—are bringing their burger shenanigans to life

There are certainly bloggers who have dabbled in restaurateuring—but has anyone gone so far as to turn their blog into a restaurant? In what might be a first for the books, the bloggers behind the very popular Burgerlords are set to open a new spot that’ll go by the same name in Chinatown sometime later this fall. They’ll be previewing the concept, which they’re half-jokingly calling a “blog-to-table” restaurant, with a pop up tomorrow in Highland Park.

The guys behind the blog, brothers Frederick and Maximilian Guerrero, come from royal burger lineage—their dad Andre Guerrero owns The Oinkster. They grew up working in his restaurants and developed their own love for burger culture in the process. Fascinated with the enormous amount of burger-related content available online, the brothers launched Burgerlords in 2012 to share every interesting burger artifact they came across. It quickly became a hit, even making it onto Tumblr’s directory of blogs.

Now, the Guerreros along with Kevin Hockin (the guy behind Boxed Water and Smile Frozen Goods) are going to actually sell burgers. But they say Burgerlords isn’t just about the food. While the menu will focus on the classics—hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and housemade vegan burgers, plus fries and craft sodas with prices starting at $5—Burgerlords, like the blog, will also celebrate the burger as a phenomenon.

“The food is always top priority, that’s number one, but it’s also celebrating the things around that, like the fanaticism, the cult following, and with that, I think it’s a lot of fun,” says Frederick, adding that a major focus of Burgerlords will also be art and music collaborations and a steady stream of special events.

Fittingly, tomorrow’s pop up will be held at Slow Culture, an art gallery that the Guerreros co-own in Highland Park. Along with a preview of the food, the future restaurant’s design inspirations (Design Bitches are behind the project) will also be on display, including over 500 photos and mood boards that have influenced the spot’s aesthetic. Music will be provided by Innovative Leisure“I think that’s what it’s all about, sharing that and taking it past the restaurant,” says Frederick.

Also fun is that everyone who purchases a ticket to the pop up gets entered in a raffle to win free burgers for a year!

The Burgerlords pop-up takes place tomorrow at Slow Culture, 5906 N Figueroa St., from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Tickets are $25, which gets you a burger, fries, soda, and t-shirt. Tickets can be purchased here.