Dessert Doppelgangers: The 71st Annual Golden Globes

Sweet sashes and pastry-like petticoats at the Beverly Hilton

At this past Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards ceremony, I was again seeing desserts instead of dresses. Looking past sequins this time, it was hard to miss the luscious sea of berry reds that walked across the stage. Fabrics in vibrant colors reminded me of spring and summer’s finest fruit. Black and white made me think of cookies and cream, and Lena Dunham’s shocking yellow gown was the tart relief that this year’s red carpet needed.

Zosie Mamet plays Shoshanna Shapiro, an anxious twenty-something in HBO’s hit Girls. At the Globes, she stuck with a classy black and white sheath by Reem Acra, which had me dreaming of Scoops’ Oreo cookie ice cream.

 Aubrey Plaza came across as girly in an Oscar de la Renta done up in shades of violet. If this photo was scratch and sniff, she’d smell like Bottega Louie’s violet macarons.

American Hustle star Amy Adams upped the ’70s sex appeal with a red and burgundy halter dress by Valentino. Bouchon Bakery’s roasted nectarine tart picks up that range of color and adds plenty of flavor with Adams’ flare.

Even in a sleek gown-pants suit combination by Christian Dior, Emma Watson gives off the energy of a bright-eyed kid. Dior with Donut Man’s strawberry donut? Sounds just right.

A glowing and pregnant Drew Barrymore matched the red carpet in a gown by Monique Lhuillier. The layered, short-sleeved sheath looked like it was covered in heart-shaped sprinkles—much like Susie Cakes’ Valentine’s Day cupcakes.

Lena Dunham can pull off yellow. Not pastel yellow, not pale gold—but bright, flaming, sunshine, lemon yellow. All I could think of were the red lipstick marks she’d leave on these lemon macarons from ‘lette.