Deli Drop Off: Get Caviar Bagels from Wexler’s Sent Right to Your Door

Smoked fish tastes better when someone else brings it to you

There are days when all you’re craving is a really good bagel with cream cheese and lox—or to be more specific, lox from Wexler’s Deli—and you can’t get downtown to get it (or just don’t want to deal with the parking situation at the Grand Central Market). It’s as if the smoked fish gods heard your plea: Wexler’s Deli now delivers via Caviar, and to celebrate, there’s a caviar and lox bagel. You didn’t know you need caviar bagels, did you?

It was already big news when chef Micah Wexler finally started selling his amazing smoked salmon and sturgeon to go. Why this stuff is so good: He starts with great fish, like sustainably raised salmon from the Faroe Islands, salt cures it, and then smokes it over applewood. It’s incredibly flavorful, so much so, you definitely want to pick up a half-pound or more to take home and construct your own bagels for breakfast. But it’s so much better when someone else brings it to you.

With Caviar, there are several bagel sandwiches available, including the KGB, the special caviar, lox, cream cheese and caper combo; the Uncle Leo, with lox, egg and onion; and the Big Poppa with pastrami, egg and cheese. Oh, and yeah, those most awesome pastrami sandwiches are also available via the service, so O.G. (pastrami and mustard on rye) it out. Caviar delivery is available from 10am-3:30pm, Monday through Friday, and until 5:30pm on the weekends.

The only downfall is that Caviar does not deliver everywhere, say Pasadena or even the far reaches of some Santa Monica neighborhoods (until they get their own Wexler’s, which will open on Santa Monica Boulevard between 6th and 7th street sometime soon). But the good news is you can still order delivery from the catering menu, which is often carried out by an appropriate partner in Jewish soul food delivery, Schlep & Fetch.

This is particularly helpful should you need more than one bagel sandwich for lunch and instead need to feed an army smoked fish, cream cheese, capers, onions, lemon wedges, and bagels. And what army wouldn’t like that? You can order the goods a la carte, or go for something like the Moe Green, which has a half-pound each of lox, sturgeon, smoked fish salad, plus six bagels, and sides of cole slaw, potato salad, and pickles. It’s a bull’s-eye of a special (groan, we know, but we couldn’t help it).

Wexler’s Deli, 317 S. Broadway, Downtown