For Some Reason Lots of People Want Soap That Smells Like Del Taco Fries

Soap redolent of crinkle cuts apparently appeals

Del Taco asked: Anybody want to smell like French fries? And the answer was a resounding (and perplexing) yes. Apparently, lots of people want to bathe in the scent of greasy deep-fried spuds.

The fast food chain released a limited-edition bar of soap called “Eau de French Fry” which is purported to smell like the restaurant’s crinkle cut fries. The soap was created for a social media campaign—the company offered to ship a 5 oz bar to anyone who posted a photo of their Del Taco Fresh Faves Box on Instagram along with the hashtag #Frysoap.

But Del Taco underestimated the public’s desire to smell like a vat of hot oil—it made the soap available for purchase for $3.95 on its merch website, where it sold out in minutes. Only 12 people posted the hashtag on Instagram before supplies ran out.

So, does the soap really smell like crinkle cut cologne? We’ll have to wait until the lucky few actually receive their prizes in the mail to find out.

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