Debating Debate Grub


Wondering, like many, what sustenance should accompany your debate watching party tomorrow—assuming there is a debate tomorrow?

If you’re supporting John McCain, you might think about shrimp, enchiladas, pepperoni pizza, doughnuts, or baby back ribs—all among his favorite foods. (Sheesh, if that’s what his diet’s like, we should probably be more interested in the V.P. debates).

Barack Obama more your style? Think chili, shrimp and grits, pumpkin pie—or maybe get a pizza flown in from his favorite joint, Fiesta Pizzeria, in Chicago.

Here is a full list of the candidates’ favorite munchies culled from various interview tidbits. Chowhound—all fancy with its new layout—has plenty of ideas too. And the Wall Street Journal has a great article on McCain and Obama’s regular hometown restaurants with recipes for some of their favorite dishes.

May the best meal win.