Deal Alert: Tony’s Darts Away Does $2 Brunch

The vegan-friendly Burbank beer pub launches their new brunch menu with bargain plates this weekend

Even an Egg McMuffin costs more than two bucks, but this weekend at Tony’s Darts Away, two bucks will get you brunch. The Burbank beer-and-sausage pub is offering the deal to launch their new brunch menu. The debuting menu also includes craft beers, but those cost extra.

The new offerings include Cali-cuisine brunch standards from chef Caroline Concha, like chilaquiles with optional braised pork, bacon-and-egg-filled breakfast burritos, rolled oats, and Mediterranean hash with a mix of artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, garbanzo beans, mint salsa, and lots of other good stuff. Being one of L.A.’s most vegan-friendly joints, they will, of course, make your meal sans meat and dairy if you wish. They’re also kid-friendly, so tots can choose from a menu of their own.

All this starts tomorrow, and the $2 dishes are available from 10 a.m. until noon tomorrow and Sunday, after which the menu will be available at regular prices. We think it’s probably a good idea to get there early. And while we’re giving advice, we also suggest the Highland Park Brewery’s McDonnell’s Irish Red—Tony has it on tap right now, along with 37 other beers.

redarrow Tony’s Darts Away, 1710 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, 818-253-1710