Take David LeFevre’s Class and Never Wait in Line for Brunch Again

The chef will teach you how to make upscale pancakes and eggs served above room temperature

Brunch is one L.A.’s favorite pastimes—it’s right up there with complaining about traffic and wishing for rain. Ironically, according to chef David LeFevre, it’s a lack of rain and our mild, mostly sunny weather that makes the tradition thrive year round. Of course, there’s also the fact that so many of us are gluttons. “L.A. is perfect for getting out, exploring different towns and trying new spots during the day,” he says. “There’s also something decadent about brunch.  Things like stuffed french toast, poached eggs, and of course brunch cocktails make for a killer day out.”

LeFevre has done a lot to up the city’s brunch game with his South Bay standouts MB Post and Fishing with Dynamite and their weekend menus, which hit upon important sweet and savory touchstones, from griddle cakes and sticky buns to truffle-honey fried chicken and crab benedicts. Now, he’s offering to let us in on some of his brunch-iest secrets with his upcoming Art of Brunch class.

Even though the idea of planning and executing a great spread can be intimidating, the chef seems to think that anyone can do it. “We get a lot of guests saying that they could never put together a big brunch at home, but that’s just not the case,” he says. “With a little bit of planning you can entertain with brunch just as easily as any other meal.”

Accordingly, the one-day class will include tips on prepping and timing dishes in home kitchens and serving them hot—even eggs. LeFevre will also demo some of his most popular dishes, including baked eggs with harissa and polenta, pineapple upside down griddle cake, citrus salad with shrimp, and bacon with rosemary. Attendees will get to taste the food along the way and take home recipes.

The Art of Brunch takes place Sunday, March 20 from 11am-1pm at The Arthur J, 903 Manhattan Ave. Manhattan Beach. To reserve a spot, call 310-545-5405. Cost is $80 per person.