Where David LeFevre Gets Dim Sum

The Beach Cities chef shares the inspiration behind M.B. Post brunch dishes like bibimbap and steam buns

M.B. Post’s Bangin’ Brunch menu covers a lot of culinary ground—serving up everything from an apple coffee cake to brown butter streusel to corned beef cheek hash—even chimichangas have a spot on the menu. But what really pops are chef David LeFevre’s interpretations of classic Asian comfort foods. There’s Thai pork sausage with papaya salad, classic Chinese pork buns, pork and shrimp dumplings, and bibimbap. We asked chef LeFevre to share the inspiration behind a few of the menu’s Eastern-leaning items:

Steamed Buns
“These were a challenge we wanted to take on—trying to figure out how to make them ourselves, in house, without buying the frozen ones. The dumplings were a challenge too – we had to figure out how to make the best textured dumpling skins in house.  Most places buy both the steam buns and dumpling skins frozen, but we always want to discover how to make these items in house and actually learn something in the process.”

“The crunchy texture of the rice against the other ingredients is pretty stellar.   We have a couple of Chefs with Korean backgrounds so it has been a crowd-pleaser in the kitchen and the dining room.”

“The dumplings were actually a dish we developed for a dinner we hosted with Chef Charles Phan. We put our own twist on them with puffed pork skin, chili oil and, sesame puree. They were inspired by traditional Dim Sum. I enjoy going to Sea Harbour, and the shrimp cruellers at Elite are awesome.”

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