Curbside Corn


A few months back I noticed that some neighbors down the street had transformed a little square of their “front yard” (aka the strip of ground between the street and the sidewalk) into a small gardening plot. Within a week or so, small green sprouts revealed themselves to be the start of a miniature cornfield, right there in Silver Lake. One of the many joys of my morning jog has been checking in on the stalks, noting their progress, and looking for the start of any ears. As of today, it looks like they’re about ready to harvest.

Now, there’s nothing all that novel about having your own vegetable garden. But there does seem to be something radical about putting it right out there on the street. (See Edible Estates). And CORN no less! We’re not talking rosemary here.

We renters—usually relegated to apartment islands surrounded by a sea of concrete parking—often forget about that sliver of land out front. It’s nice to see somebody actually utilizing it. I’m not sure the landlord agrees, but one fresh-from-the-grill ear smothered with butter and chile salt will probably keep him quiet.