The Cruffin Cone Is Here to Remind Us the World Is Good and Worth Fighting For

Freshly-churned ice cream + just-baked pastry cones = pure joy

When Mr. Holmes Bakehouse and Smitten Ice Cream collaborate, the only possible result is deliciousness. The two businesses have teamed up to create a special dessert, which will be available Saturday, July 29, at the Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Larchmont location (248 N. Larchmont Blvd). Mr. Holmes is famous for its cruffins—croissants that are baked like muffins and hollowed out. They’re usually filled with pastry cream, but on Saturday, thanks to the partnership with Smitten Ice Cream, the cruffins will hold freshly-churned ice cream instead. A limited quantity of the tasty pastry will be available starting at 11 a.m.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse and Smitten Ice Cream both started in San Francisco before expanding to the L.A. area. In addition to the Larchmont shop where this special event is happening, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse has a shop in Highland Park. You’ll find a clock on the bakery’s website that counts down the hours, minutes, and seconds until a new batch of cruffins will be available in each location. Smitten, which makes its ice cream in-house using local, organic ingredients, has a stand at The Point in El Segundo, and will open its second L.A. location in Silver Lake later this year.

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