At Long Last Cracker Barrel Is Coming to One City in California

Soon that classic chicken and dumplings will be within driving distance

Victorville. Victorville is the answer to the question that compelled you to click into this article. Cracker Barrel is coming to Victorville.

Wait, you might ask, where exactly is Victorville again? Victorville is a couple hours northwest of Los Angeles, home to about 120,000 people and a bathroom break on the way to Vegas for thousands more. And soon, Victorville will be the location of California’s only Cracker Barrel, which will be added to the city’s Restaurant Row just off the 15 freeway, CBS reports.

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The Tennessee-based chain has been serving up Southern comfort food staples within spitting distance of major interstate freeways since 1969, and now their signature biscuits and gravy and fried chicken and mac and cheese (oh man, mac and cheese) and collard greens and loaded hash browns will all be within reach of Los Angeles.

Are we a little jealous that the general store-themed institution isn’t setting up shop here in L.A.? Yeah, kinda. But hey, we got a Shake Shack and we’re getting Momofuku Milk Bar and Tartine and something called the Museum of Ice Cream (?), so it’s only fair to spread the wealth. The Victorvilles of the world deserve a little love.

Thomas Harlander is a staff writer at Los Angeles magazine. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram. He recently wrote: Starbucks Has Found Its True Calling and Is Offering Ice Cream at One Store in L.A.