Coolhaus Wants to Throw You a Party for National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Want free ice cream for you and your friends? Tweet Coolhaus to tell them why

Leave it to a couple of friends with design backgrounds and an affinity for street food culture to spearhead the phenomenon known Farchitecture (the portmanteau of food + architecture). The idea hearkens back to the principles of Bauhaus, which, in this case, uses design principles to enhance your experience of eating.

Coolhaus, the ice cream empire founded by Natasha Case and Freya Estreller, is the byproduct of this foodie theory and one that has produced whimsical takes on the dessert canon (think ginger cookies with chocolate wasabi ice cream and fried chicken caramel with cayenne pepper). Like any worthwhile structure, their ice cream sandwiches (“cool houses,” get it?) delight the imagination with their balance of form and function. What started out as a single food truck purchased on Craigslist has since evolved into a fleet of mobile operations in Los Angeles, Austin, and New York, a couple of storefronts, and even wholesale production.

Coolhaus trucks are hitting the streets this Saturday, August 2, for National Ice Cream Sandwich Day and are looking to spread the love with their #CoolhausCrashers campaign. Want Coolhaus to show up to your party and pass out free ice cream sammies? How about some Coolhaus cookbooks, or maybe a cuisinart maker too? Not to mention free craft beer (as it so happens, Saturday is also National Beer Day). Tweet @coolhaus with the hashtags #CoolhausCrashers and #cuisinart and give them a compelling reason for why they should show up to your shindig along with location details and your party size. Maybe your friends are hosting a pig roast. Or your labrador just gave birth to a litter of puppies. Your strategy might go a long way.

Applicants can submit tweets until the contest closes on Friday, August 1, at 12 p.m. PST, and winners will receive details through Twitter direct message.