Cook’s County Chef Trevor Rocco Shares His Must-Eat L.A. dishes


It’s only been six months since Trevor Rocco was installed as the new executive chef of L.A.’s venerable Cook’s County restaurant. Formerly of Grindhouse and Red Hill, Rocco has changed up the Beverly Boulevard institution, adding his own touches to CC’s farm-to-table California cuisine. We queried Rocco on what he likes to eat when he isn’t sweating it out in his own kitchen.

1. Tortellini in Brodo “Al Contrario” at Alimento
“Zach Pollack manages to take this traditional Italian dish and invert it with Asian inspiration without it being some confused ‘fusion’ creation.”

2. Engawa from Sushi Go 55
“Engawa is halibut fin, which you’ll almost never see at any sushi place.”

3. English Peas, White Chocolate, and Mint from Rustic Canyon 
“This dish was on the menu a year ago. The textures and flavors at play are the next level.”

4. The Sob from Mario’s Italian Deli & Market
“The SOB is their signature sandwich. It reminds me of where I grew up on the East Coast.”

5. Huit Acoche Blue Corn Quesadilla from an Echo Park Street Cart 
“This lady makes the blue corn tortilla by hand, slaps it on the sheet pan griddle, adds simple ingredients, and there you have it.”

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