Coly’s Stromboli Open Downtown

Gooey cheese, zesty marinara sauce, sausage, and peppers, all wrapped up in flaky Italian bread dough, and baked to a crisp. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Lucky for you, this is exactly what will be served at Coly’s Stromboli, now open in Downtown’s Perching Square Building. From the folks behind the soon-to-reopen The Must  and the soon-to-debut Perch, Coly’s offers a menu full of well, stromboli, with options for vegetarians (mmm, eggplant parm!) and meat-lovers, plus chips and salads. And, of course, there’s the house-made marinara sauce perfect for dipping. At $6.50 a pop, you might just find yourself thinking, “Holy moly, I need a stromboli.” (Or is that just us?)

Coly’s Stromboli
456 South Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013