Chinatown Summer Nights: Where Food and Summer Rendezvous

This year, one of L.A.’s hottest neighborhoods gets its own fest.

What do competitive eating under the stars and dancing lions have in common?  Chinatown Summer Nights! The outdoor summer festival is about to bring a whole new nightlife scene to Chinatown.

The first installment of Chinatown Summer Nights takes place this Saturday, June 15 from 5 p.m. to midnight. In addition to being a great party, the fest will commemorate Chinatown’s 75th year in the neighborhood. The original Chinatown was located at El Pueblo de Los Angeles.

There’ll be a dance floor with musical motivation furnished by KCRW DJs. A stage hosting live local bands will entertain passers by and patrons at the nearby beer garden. And in case the food stalls aren’t enough for you, find a fleet of food trucks at the ready to satisfy your every culinary craving.

Full disclosure, I will be there too. I’ll be MCing the event along with Lindsay Louie (Miss Chinatown) on the culinary stage located at West Plaza. We’ll be presenting food demos by Mandarin Chateau and Chef Lupe Liang’s Hop Woo restaurant.

Oh yeah, and about the aforementioned competitive eating: I’ll be in charge of that and if it’s anything like last year, food will be flying (stay away from the splash zone) and tears will be shed. Egg rolls kick off this year’s eating contest. We’ll have a trophy for the winner (and plenty of port o’ potties for the losers).

Let’s get this summer started.


Chinatown Summer Nights, Chinatown, Central, West, and Mandarin Plazas, Broadway and Hill Streets.