Chego Hits the Streets… er, the Parking Lot?

With the kitchen closed for repairs, a Chego Truck swoops in to fill the void

Roy Choi took to the Kogi BBQ blog yesterday to announce that the Chego kitchen is going to be closed down for repairs for a hot minute, but not to worry, because a backup plan has been arranged:

“Our kitchen hit the fan and we have to do some major work. The space has been great to us but all of the quirks finally caught up. […] I don’t know how long it will take but we did our best to not let it affect you too much. […] So during this unforeseen transition… we built a Chego Truck!!! It will be parked at Chego! […]

There is one curveball though. The dining room is closed. The whole place inside is getting gutted. So we are moving the tables outside and serving out of a truck. It’s actually pretty fucking cool. Dress warm. Come with a sense of humor. And let’s camp out. This is in effect NOW.”

The classic dishes will still be available, though probably not the entire menu. Knowing Choi, he’ll turn these lemons into kimchi lemonade and come up with some even tastier items on the truck’s flat-top grill during this transition. We’ll of course keep you posted.

Chego, 3300 Overland Ave., Palms,