The Chef’s Table Season Two Trailer Will Get You Super Jacked About Food

Fast-paced violins! Vague-but-inspirational monologues! Slow-mo shots of flowers being tweezed onto plates and other stuff!

What are your plans on May 27? It doesn’t matter—cancel them. Fill a duffel bag with your favorite food and beverage (Kogi shortrib burritos and Diet Red Bull for me), strap yourself into a couch, and let that sweet morphine drip of up-tempo classical music, platitudinous chef-isms, and slow-panning food porn shots course through your veins.

The season two debut of Chef’s Table, the Netflix docuseries co-created by Jiro Dreams of Sushi director David Gelb, is inching closer and closer, and the first trailer just dropped on YouTube. The next slate of chefs includes Enrique Olvera from Mexico City’s Pujol, Grant Achatz from Next and Alinea, and D.O.M. chef Alex Atala, who the trailer shows (mostly) naked, dragging a dead fish through the snow towards a fire. If an unclothed multiple Michelin-star winner Bear Grylls-ing it in an Arctic tundra doesn’t get you all jacked up about food, nothing will.

The inaugural set of episodes had Niki Nakayama of n/naka as its sole L.A. champion, but we’ll have to wait until the fourth season (set to debut sometime in early 2017) to see our second Angeleno, Nancy Silverton. We can see the slo-mo shot of her slicing open a roasted fairytale eggplant now.

But if we’re being honest, this trailer still pales in comparison to the fake one that dropped last year.