Chef Steve Samson’s Five Favorite Dishes in L.A.

Sotto’s frontman tells us where to get the best steak, foie gras, and a totally unexpected salad

Steve Samson has long been churning out some of the city’s most inventive pasta dishes at Sotto (that chicken liver ragu is really something special), along with some seriously tasty pizzas and other Italian specialties. Now, he’s gearing up for the long-awaited opening of Rossoblu, his massive, Bologna-inspired restaurant (it’s about twice the size of Sotto) set to open later this year Downtown. But when he’s not busy turning and burning pies or building a mini restaurant empire, where’s he eating? These are chef Samson’s favorite dishes from around the city.

1. Dry-Aged Bone-In Prime Tomahawk Steak at The Arthur J
“Chef David cooks this beautiful piece of meat over oak flames which really brings out the remarkable dry-aged flavor. And don’t forget to get a side of the house-made Arthur J steak sauce.”

2. Lamb Neck Tamal at Broken Spanish
“The braised lamb meat and its delicious jus perfectly complement the luscious tamal. Chef Ray is the real deal.”

3. Terrine de Foie Gras at Terrine
“Chef Kris has a deft hand with foie gras and charcuterie. This dish is a perfect marriage of the two.”

4. Chef’s Selection Salumi at Bestia
“Eating salumi at Bestia takes me back to Italy. It’s funky and delicious.” 

5. Avocado and Peanut Salad at Craft
“Who would have thought the two would match so perfectly. Follow it with any of the brilliant desserts by Shannon Swindle.”