Chef Sherry Yard of The Tuck Room Tavern Shares Her 10 Favorite Dishes in L.A.

She knows how to eat

Sherry was kind enough to tear herself away from her executive chef duties at The Tuck Room Tavern in Westwood to share with us some of her go-to dishes around Los Angeles. Her taste is impeccable, and her choices are so good that it’s becoming more and more difficult to concentrate on writing this as opposed to booking like 5 reservations right now. Such is life. Read on to experience a similar conundrum. 

1. Sichuan Dumplings, Kurobuta Pork, Spicy Ma-li Vinaigrette From Lukshon

Culver City 

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“A true expression of Sang’s genius. These dumplings are a melt in your mouth explosion of flavour. As soon as the little silky purse hits your lips and tongue, the party begins with a tingle. The chili vinaigrette has the perfect amount of heat and spice. You wake up the next morning wanting to drive back across town for more..more… more!”


2. Monna Elvira’s Lasagna Verde from Angelini Osteria


“Ok here is a secret …..It’s a holiday tradition at my house that I leave the cooking to Gino. His sublime abbondanza lasagna filled with creamy pillowy layers of ricotta topped verde pasta, and Gino’s secret sauce is food that you dream about. It is “The World’s Best Lasagna”. Only problem with this dish is that there are never any leftovers!!!! Another tip – if truffles are in season, run to Gino’s for eggs showered with Italian White Truffles!!!”


3. Spicy Tuna Tartar in Sesame Cones (with a Glass of Bubbles!) and a Smoked Salmon Pizza from Spago 

Beverly Hills


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“All due respect to Chef Tetsu and his fabulous menu. This Spago trio is an LA-must. Sit at the bar, let Roger pour you a bright pink glass of Billecart -Salmon Rose! Bite into a crunchy sesame cone with dark caramel miso and smooth spicy tuna inside… sip more bubbles.. then next course classic crispy Spago pizza, topped with dill cream, house smoked salmon, for the ultimate indulgence… add caviar!”


4. Jalapeño Hash from Local Yolk

Manhattan Beach

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“It’s a breakfast side! Crispy on top and bottom, this potato pancake is filled with a combination of creamy cheesy center and a surprise heat from jalapeño. My tip: top it off with a sunny side egg.”


5. Cabbage Baked in Embers with Sumac and Lemon Yogurt & The 21 Day Aged Liberty Duck from Charcoal


Our 21 Day Aged Half Liberty Duck #inpursuitofexcellence

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“Whoever thought cabbage could taste so good? Chefs J & J do it right with the perfect mix of sweet and smoke. The sumac and lemon yogurt makes this dish incredibly unique, I can make a meal of it! No matter where you’re seated, guests can see the big green eggs in the distance charring the cabbage. …One more thing don’t leave without trying the Crispy 21 day aged liberty duck – it’s not to be missed.”


6. Breakfast Burritos with Ancho Chile Chorizo and Smoked Potato from Cofax


Breakfast Burrito of Champions #breakfastburrito #chorizo #eggs #avocado #breakfastofchampions 📷: @yiyihuang

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“Surprise! Surprise! I rolled in for a donut and came out in love with a burrito. I promise you can’t go wrong with what you order – they are all incredible, but if you have to choose one, get the ancho chile – it’s the ultimate hangover food!”

7. Chicken Liver Crostone from Alimento

Silver Lake

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“The food here is just down right sexy. Zach cooks with brilliant evolving soul. His velvety chicken liver moose is heavenly. Here’s my tip: make sure to schmear and slather the quince mostarda over the grilled bread, and top with the chicken liver moose then a whisper of salt, pair it with an orange wine or dry Riesling!”

8. Busan-Style Knife-Cut Soup Noodles from Hangari Bajirak Kalgooksoo

Wilshire Center

“I think these spicy cold noodles have healing properties. The chicken kalgooksoo and chicken noodle soup is the best in town! Make sure to add vinegar and mustard to the soup and it will heal almost any cold or stuffiness!”

9.Pan Seared Camarón Tacos with Spicy Red Morita Sauce from Loteria Grill

Hollywood and West Lake

“The heat from the spicy Morita sauce makes the the plump shrimp pop! Add a little juice from the lime wedge and that’s it! Simple perfection.”


10. Spaghetti allá Bolognese from Madeo’s

West Hollywood

If you know, you know 🍝 {Spaghetti Bolognese}

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“When I miss New York, and have a hankering for old school pasta, I run to Madeo’s. Nothing beats their traditional Bolognese, it truly is a timeless classic. Just as good as the pasta is the hospitality and people watching.”