Chef Michael Fiorelli’s Five Favorite Dishes in L.A.

The man behind the muffins at Love & Salt dishes on dishes

Manhattan Beach is like Hansel in Zoolander: so hot right now. And one of the hottest restaurants in the bunch is without a doubt Love & Salt—it earned three stars from Patric Kuh back in March—where pizzas are topped with duck eggs and butter is cultured in house. Helming the operation is locavore-minded chef Michael Fiorelli, who came to California ten years ago after bouncing around New York, Philly, and South Florida. When he’s not busy making those addictive English muffins and mortadella hot dogs at his restaurant, where’s he eating? These are chef Fiorelli’s five favorite dishes from around the city.

1 . Pozole Verde at Rustic Canyon
“It’s refreshing, herbaceous, and every bite leaves you wanting more. It’s such a great alternative to the usual butter-laden shellfish preparations you see on menus everywhere. This dish really lets the richness and the salinity of the shellfish shine.”

2 . Brioche with Prosciutto, Gruyère, and Egg at a.o.c
‘This was one of the first dishes I ate when I moved to L.A. ten years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. It shows Chef Suzanne Goin’s sophistication and restraint as a chef—everything blends together perfectly as a cohesive dish, but the integrity of each individual ingredient isn’t lost in the totality of the plate.”

3 . Three Cup Chicken at Pine & Crane
“This chicken is crazy addicting. After eating it at the restaurant, I went home and tried to duplicate it because I was craving it so badly. It’s a jidori chicken braised in sesame oil, soy sauce, rice wine and a ton of garlic. Three cups to be exact.”

4 . Pan Drippings at République
“Simple, delicious, and brilliant. The house-baked bread at République is some of the best in L.A. and the fact that you can enjoy it with a pot of pan drippings without even eating through the roast to get to them?! That alone is enough to keep me going back to this place.”

5 . Koshihikari Rice at Fishing With Dynamite
“It screams fresh seafood. It’s rich and luxurious with the chicken dashi, uni and egg. The rice is the perfect canvas. I literally find myself scraping the bowl every time I eat that thing.”