Chef Micah Wexler of Wexler’s Deli Shares His 10 Favorite Dishes in L.A.

Plus, he lets us in on some secret off-menu items

1. Caesar Salad at Dan Tana’s

West Hollywood

“This is the best Caesar salad in America without question. I’ve watched them make it tableside hundreds of times but they always give me the shoulder when they throw in the last secret ingredient.”


2. Shrimp Taco at Marisco’s Jalisco

Boyle Heights 

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“Sometimes you hit the perfect combo of textures that only last for an instant and this taco has it. Crispy and wet all at the same time, shrimp that are poppy but also creamy.”


3. Tadig with Gormeh Sabzi, Geymeh, and Fesanjoon at Flame International Kabob


“You will find this dish at every Persian restaurant in Los Angeles, but nobody makes it better than Flame, except my friend Alex Raminfar’s Mom.”


4. Kamameshi at Aburiya Raku

West Hollywood 

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“It’s an off-the-menu special that you have to ask for. They cook the rice to order, so it’s always the end of the meal. Perfectly cooked rice loaded with salmon, salmon roe, and raw ginger.”


5. Blood Clams at La Cevicheria

Arlington Heights 

“Blood Clams are not easy to get in LA and it’s even harder to get good ones. Also, the homemade habanero hot sauce is incredible and the husband and wife team are the most hospitable in LA.”


6. Cheeseburger at Pie n’ Burger


“I didn’t get to this place until later in life, so it was really hard to admit that it was better than Apple Pan, but it is. It’s my favorite burger in LA, and the pie is killer too.”


7. Squash Blossom and Huitlacoche Quesadilla at Cemitas Elviritas Poblanas

Boyle Heights 

“You come here for the awesome cemitas, but the quesadilla is the sleeper. The tortillas are handmade, the cheese is super stretchy, and the fresh squash blossom and funky huitlacoche are fresh and delicious.”


8. Spaghetti Bottarga at Angelini Osteria



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“The pasta is so al dente it’s almost crunchy and the bottarga is showered on. It’s a real exercise in restraint and simplicity.”


9. Dumplings at Mama Lu’s

Monterey Park

“My cousin Oren from the famed Tzatziki Boys podcast brought me to this place and I’ve been obsessed ever since. The dumplings are so damn good and the braised romaine lettuce is also delicious.”


10. Grilled Quail Plate at Carnival

Sherman Oaks 

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“One of the O.G. Lebanese spots in LA. I think a lot of people overlook this dish but it’s so good – topped with sumac onions and the rice with the little browned noodle situation. Perfect.”