Chef Kevin Meehan’s 5 Favorite Dishes in L.A.

The chef behind newly opened Kali dishes on the city’s best dishes

Chef Kevin Meehan has had his hands (knife? offset spatula?) all over L.A.’s food scene. Whether it was during his days as chef de cuisine of Patina, executive chef of Café Pinot, or chef and proprietor of Kali Dining—his roving passion project/supper club—chances are you at least know someone who’s had his food. Back in January, he opened up Kali on Melrose, his very own brick and mortar serving the kind of Michelin-quality food his name has always been associated with. But when Meehan isn’t busy beignet-battering limpets or topping crudos with citrus foam, what’s he eating? Here are his five favorite dishes from around L.A.

1 . Pork Bossam at Kobawoo House
“This is my favorite Korean dish—it’s what I would order on my death bed. They serve you thinly sliced braised pork butt or shoulder with garnishes, and you’re meant to roll it up in fermented cabbage leaves topped with pickled and spicy vegetables. It’s also meant to be eaten with too much beer.”

2 . Leek & Tongue with Salt at Manpuku Tokyo BBQ
“They have a great selection of grilled meat and an amazing garlic rice dish, but my favorite is their signature salted beef tongue with leeks.”

3 . Falafel Plate at Habayit
“This is the best Israeli food in LA. The falafel is amazing—I usually get it as a plate with fresh pita, tahini, and hummus that feels like lotion.”

4 . Potato Rosti with Smoked Salmon at Winsome
“My buddy Jeremy Strubel just opened this spot in the ground floor of the Elysian building off Sunset near Dodger Stadium. It’s the best new brunch spot in LA — we’ve been several times already, and the early fan favorite is the potato rosti with smoked salmon, two sunny eggs, avocado, fennel pollen, and basil tahini.”

5 . Chicken Shawerma Wrap at Zankou Chicken
“A total guilty pleasure, and I’m sure there are tons of better spots to get this dish, but Zankou is an L.A. institution. It’s all about the garlic spread.”