Chef Greg Bernhardt from Paley Shares His 10 Favorite Dishes in L.A.

From dumplings to burritos to classic deli sandwiches, these are the chef’s go-to munchies

Sure, Paley has some great food. Chef Greg Bernhardt does it up big with Okinawan sweet potato ravioli and foie gras crepinettes and all kinds of good stuff. But restaurants are supposed to have great food. That’s the point of restaurants. Paley will probably find its way onto several best-new-restaurant lists by the end of the year, but none of that matters because they’ve already won the most coveted award in the city: Best Restaurant Bathroom. Boom. Anyways, cool, just wanted to plug our own award there. These are chef Berhnhardt’s 10 fave dishes:

Xiaolongbao at Din Tai Fung

Art and science make a perfect food baby. It’s perfection on the palate. All at once satisfying and exciting, it never gets old eating those dumplings.

#19 at Langer’s

No reasoning necessary for this dish! It’s an L.A. classic, so satisfying and complete, and it hasn’t changed a bit since the first time I had it 15 years ago.

Sisig at Crispy House

This little restaurant in a strip mall in Artesia makes my favorite Filipino food, and it still doesn’t have a sign. The sisig is a braised & fried pork dish almost like carnitas, but bathed in vinegar, chili, and garlic. It’s borderline addictive.

Cochinita Pibil Burrito at Yuca’s Hut

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This simple shack on a parking lot of a liquor store in Los Feliz puts up the best burrito with little to no space and kills it every time. The pork is cooked in banana leaves after being rubbed with achiote paste and orange juice. It’s just delicious.

Bigoli Della Nonna at Maccheroni Republic

Since Jean-Louis opened this gem in DTLA, we have been regulars. Hand-extruded and fresh, this pasta dish has the super thick spaghetti-like noodles that are just chewy in that way fresh pasta can only deliver. The sauce is a rich oxtail ragout, and is my daughter’s favorite as well.

Godmother at Bay Cities Deli

This sandwich is forever duplicated by every new deli, but rarely done as well. I prefer the spicy one. I let it “marinate” for an hour, and it never disappoints.

Sliced Roast Pork at Daikokuya

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This dish is so comforting: thinly sliced braised pork belly that is crisped up on a plancha and draped in a sticky sweet soy and healthy dose of thinly sliced green onions. It’s crispy & soft, hot & cold, sweet & salty. And don’t forget the house cabbage salad to balance the pork off.

San Gennaro Pizza at DeSano Pizza Bakery

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Another local gem by way of our buddy Marino from Napoli, Italy. He puts a spicy pork sausage on a a classic Neapolitan pizza, and pickled African peppadew peppers that are sweet and a touch spicy. I dream of eating this pizza.

Daikon cake at Rodded

This started as a special on their menu a fews years back and has made it to the top of the pile. Daikon is boiled down to its essential being, pureed, and formed into cakes, then deep fried after cooling, served with a salad of beans sprouts, cilantro and garlic sauce. The texture is sublime.

Halibut at Wolvesmouth MOCA

Served with pea “risotto” & puree, a tarragon crisp, smoked branzino, and the craziest lemon gelee, it’s easily my favorite dish of the year. It’s so simple and reminds of something so rooted in rich tradition, but the lens through which Craig sees it makes it super exciting to eat.