Chef Gabriel Cappelli of The Edmon Shares His 10 Favorite Dishes in L.A.

Cappelli knows best

1. Quail Egg Yakatori from Izakaya Honda-ya

 Little Tokyo

“One of my absolute favorite places in Los Angeles and one of my favorite things to eat in Los Angeles. It’s a textural dream.”


2. Grilled Octopus from 71Above.

Financial District

Barbecue Octopus, Peach, Pickled Mustard, Lemon, Herbs by chef @vartanabgaryan #summer #octopus #dtla

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“I’ve never had an octopus dish like this before… blown away by the combination of creativity, balance and execution.”


3. Prime Beef Hangar Steak Tartare from Simbal

Little Tokyo

“Best beef tartare in LA.”



4. Tiny Beets from Erven

Santa Monica

A Chef @nickerven #classic. Tiny #beets w/ an #avocado #mousse. #cooksandservants #coincidentallyvegan

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“Genius dish from a genius chef!”


5.  Bagel with Smoked White Fish from Maury’s Bagels 

Smorgasburg LA

the #dosequis guy doesn’t always eat bagels. but when he does, he eats them #openface

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“Best smoked fish in LA. There’s nothing more I look forward to early on a Sunday morning.”


6. Albondigas from Baco Mercat

Downtown Los Angeles

“The truth is, I love every dish at this restaurant but this one stands out. It’s just a great combination of flavor and so different from any other dish you can find in Downtown.”

7. Sun Dried Anchovies from Rice Bar

Little Tokyo

“I always make them add their house-made longganisa to it! I love places that introduce us to flavor and culture at the same time. This dish and this establishment is a perfect example of it.”


8.  Seared Lengua from Bar Ama

Downtown Los Angeles

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“Growing up in the Northeast you see a lot more Tex-Mex influenced restaurants, rather than true authentic Mexican cuisine. So, this dish and this restaurant is one of my favorites.”


9. Keema Curry from Curry House

Little Tokyo

Photo Credit: @samchoi_tns

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“I always get this to-go with a soft boiled egg… so delicious. And absolutely perfect for a Hayao Miyazaki marathon.”


10. Lomo Saltado Taco from Little Llamas Peruvian Tacos 

Smorgasburg LA

“There are a ton of tacos in L.A. but none quite like this one, it’s such a fun take on Peruvian cuisine. And even though it comes in the form of a taco… it’s the best lomo saltado in the city!