Chef David Kuo of Little Fatty Shares His Favorite L.A. Dishes

He’s selling us on tuna melts

Chef David Kuo of Little Fatty and Accomplice spills his secrets on where to go, and what to eat when you get there.

Duck Tacos from Ixtaco Taqueria

El Monte

This hole-in-thewall taco joint is near our Taiwanese distributor, and it’s a must-visit every time I pick up supplies. I love their handmade tortillas.

Tuna Melt from Cassell’s Hamburgers


The patty melt is amazing, but I usually order the tuna melt on rye with a side of onion rings. It’s the best tuna melt in the city.

Engawa (Halibut Fin) Sushi from Sakura

Del Rey

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This is my local sushi joint; it’s been around for over 50 years, and everything is really fresh. Don’t forget to ask for engawa off the menu.

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