Chef Akasha Richmond’s Must-Have L.A. Dishes

From loaded bialys to chicken pho, here are five of the chef’s local food favorites

Akasha Richmond has a lot on her plate these days. Along with her popular Culver City Cali-centric restaurant Akasha, the chef recently debuted Sambar, which features an Indian-inspired menu of modernized classics, including house-made paneer and chapatis along with “new-wave masala” dishes, like vindaloo-spiced porchetta, chutney-topped burgers, and sundaes sprinkled with cardamon cookie crumble. But where does she eat when she’s not doing cooking? Here are five of Richmond’s favorite L.A. dishes.

1 . Stringozzi Cacio e Pepe at Bucato
“I love all the pastas here, but this one is the best.”

2 . “Loaded” Bialy at Gjusta
“Mine’s topped with goat yogurt labneh and smoked fish. I love buying lunch for my chefs here. It feels like I’m in New York.”

3 . Grilled American Lobster at The Lobster
“It’s perfectly grilled, with fresh vegetables. Chef Collin Crannell is always at the farmers’ market—I love that!”

4 . Tea Leaf Salad at Lukshon
“When Sang Yoon does something, it’s always legit.”

5 . Mary’s Free-Range Chicken Pho at Phorage
“I have no interest in matzo balls. Pho is my go-to chicken soup.”