Cheez Whiz, on a Hot Dog, in a Twinkie


I drove by the Infield in Sherman Oaks, the latest addition to L.A.’s hot dog craze (formerly the Dip), just to find it closed. I guess those free hot dogs last week were a pre-opening gesture, not an official grand opening. But a sign in the window—and a friendly boy on a bike—confirm that they’ll be open for business tomorrow. So for those of us—er, I mean, you—who haven’t been able to sleep since hearing of the Twinkie Dog (a frank stuffed inside a Twinkie topped with Cheez Whiz, whipped cream, and a cherry), the wait is over!

Try all 25 dogs starting tomorrow at the Infield, 14333 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, 818-501-1850.