Cheese and Beer Tasting with Alex Brown


Screw the weekend: save room for Monday. That’s when my good pal, professional cheese monger, Hot Knife, and multiple-time F*cking Grilled Cheese Champion Alex Brown is hosting a guided beer and cheese tasting at Nicole’s Gourmet Foods in South Pasadena.

Alex, via Gourmet Imports (a wholesale subsidiary of Nicole’s Gourmet Foods), does much of the cheese wrangling for spots like Mélisse, Craft, Water Grill, Anisette, Palate, Church & State, and Providence, among others. If you’ve followed his exploits via Hot Knives, you know the man is just as serious about his beer.

Here’s the pairings roundup for Monday:

Hitochino Nest—Doigts De Chevre (surface ripened french goat cheese)
La Merle Saison—Quadrello Di Bufala (washed rind italian water buffalo cheese)
Glazen Toren Tripel—Cana De Oveja (bloomy rinded spanish sheep’s milk cheese)
Blue Dot IPA—Azeitao (crazy raw portuguese sheeps milk cheese)
Telegraph Wheat Reserve—St Maure De Tourainne (ash ripened french goat’s cheese)
Uncommon Brewer’s Siamese Twin Double—Soureliette du Fedou (natural rinded basque sheep’s milk)
Telegraph Stock Porter—Fiscalini Bandaged Cheddar (one of the best cheddars in the world: from Modesto!)
Allagash Curieux—Roquefort L’Aigle Noir (the best cheese. ever.)

The price tag for this explosion of cheese-beeriness? $35, which includes a $10 coupon for any beers at the store. Bonus!

Call ahead to confirm: 626-403-5751

The Time: 5.00pm

The Place: 921 Meridian Ave Unit B, South Pasadena CA 91803.