Cheer Up! Grumpy Cat Introduces Grumppuccino

Plus, four other foods that should get Grumpy.

This happens from time to time: You need coffee. You’re grumpy. Sometimes this happens in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon.

Appropriate for all of those times—and with the added bonus of being perfect for when you’re staring at images of cats on the internet instead of working—comes Grumppuccino from Grumpy Cat. The cat himself announced his new product to the world last weekend.

Ben Lashes, who manages Grumpy Cat’s image and licensing deals, recently talked to our own Chrystal Li about his work. He’s determined to keep Grumpy Cat, this year’s Internet Meme of the Year, alive forever.

“There’s a stigma that things on the Internet shouldn’t last or can’t be funny next week,” Lashes told Li. “But there’s a spark, a story already building when a meme starts to spread. Keyboard Cat, Grumpy Cat—they don’t have to be stupid cats on the Internet. They can be timeless. They can be icons.”

No word yet on when or where Grumppuccino will be available for purchase, but we can’t help but ponder Grumpy Cat’s potential in the food space.

➳ Grumpybrew: For when you need to calm down after all of that caffine, and the night is young. It will bring a whole new meaning to Happy Hour.

➳ Grumpy Gummies: This cat’s puss belongs on a gummy candy. Can’t you just see grumpy kids eating them up?

➳ Grump Juice: Grumpy needs to get ahead of the trend here. Bottled cappucchino is so 1998. With juice (pressed or blended), Grumpy can propel his frown into the future. Flavors like Carrot Catnip and Yam Wheatgrass could be marketed to both cats and adults.

➳ Grumpy Meal: If McDonald’s isn’t already on this, someone in their marketing department needs to get fired. Grumpy Meals are the new Happy Meal. They can be marketed both to kids (with a collectible plush toy Grumpy Cat) and their mothers who have Bitchy Resting Face. Memes collide! Behind Every Great Meme There’s a Marketing Whiz: Grumpy Cat’s Agent [L.A. Mag]