Checking In: 8 oz.


Stopped by 8 oz.—Govind Armstrong’s new burger bar—the other night around 10:30 for a late dinner. (Why is it that a party’s passed appetizers always seem to pass me by?). The place was still packed 10 minutes to close, but we squeezed into a table near the back. The transformation is pretty incredible. All traces of Table 8 are gone; in their place are white subway tile, an old-timey pressed tin ceiling, and a big central bar. Volume level: deafening. Service: what you’d expect from a beer, burgers, and fries place. Food: not messing around. Drinks: loved the Pacific Daylight lager from the new Dale Bros. Brewery in Upland.

[I feel the need to apologize for the lack of pictures. Either my camera malfunctioned and all the snaps I took got deleted, or that lager has affected my memory. ]

I’d like to weigh in on the whole burger-to-bun ratio debate: I opted for the signature 8 oz. burger, and the big, bready bun was perfectly sized. In fact, I needed that much bun to soak up the 1/2 cup of fatty juices that ran out. Any thinner and that bun would have dissolved completely (sometimes my complaint about the Father’s Office burger). As for the iceberg lettuce complaints: I like my burgers with a classic crunch.

Other observations: I’m picky about my onion rings. These were juuuuust right with a light tempura batter. The fried pickles had a nice cornmeal crust; we just wish there were more of ’em. The French fries were strikingly similar to those at In-N-Out, which isn’t a bad thing. Various ketchups, mustards and dipping sauces are all $1, which is OK except you get, like, two tablespoons of each, so you should count on one order per person.
Adding cheese to your burger is also $1—a complete steal when you consider one of the options is a huge slab of boucheron, breaded and fried (HIGHLY recommended). Didn’t try the deviled eggs, but I’m glad they’re there.

My only real complaint: I love a rare burger, but the center of this one couldn’t have been more than 70 degrees. But with the F.O. another 25 minute drive, this’ll do.

8 oz.
7661 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046